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Hello, Euclid.

Euclid is built for blockchain developers like you who play by their own rules. Spin up a blockchain project and mint a token with our powerful CLI and extensible micro-development framework, all without breaking a sweat.

We've abstracted away the complex internals so you can focus on writing your own business logic to supercharge your next web3 project.



Extensible Components

Euclid helps you simplify and speed up web3 development with a set of extensible components that integrate seamlessly with common standards.

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Euclid Development Environment.
Quickly spin up basic dev environments to build local metagraph projects with our extendable base.
Currency Framework.
Mint tokens based on the Metagraph Token Standard with our extensible micro-development framework.
Hydra CLI.
Use our powerful command line utility to manage network clusters within the Euclid Development Environment.
Developer Dashboard.
Interact with local development clusters using our frontend interface built on Next.js.
Telemetry Dashboard.
Monitor your local or deployed metagraph networks with our custom telemetry dashboard.
Euclid Developer Docs.
Dive into our SDK developer docs to get started with various project guides and tooling.

Metagraph Token Standard

Launch a Token

Euclid offers a fast and configurable approach to launching a metagraph token on the network.

Want to be one of the first token projects on Hypergraph? Sign up for our public beta program on TestNet. Projects will be added to TestNet as space becomes available.

Getting Started

Developer Guides

Quick Start

Quickly spin up basic dev environments to build local metagraph projects and mint tokens with our quick start template.

Build a Metagraph

Leverage the power of the Hypergraph to build distributed applications with custom business logic.

Integrate Stargazer Wallet

Connect Stargazer Wallet to your web3 app to access Constellation and Ethereum chains.

Run a Validator Node

Build, configure, and deploy a validator node on the Hypergraph network.